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Wood Effect Porcelain

The practicality and extraordinary durability of thick Cotto d’Este porcelain stoneware combined with the natural look of wood. Cadore is available in two technological variations. The 14mm thick porcelain stoneware guarantees a tensile strength 3 times greater than traditional 10mm thick stonewa..
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Reinforced on the rear side, this high quality tile is ideal for flooring and wall cladding in residential and commercial spaces, including those subjected to heavy traffic, both for new buildings and for renovation projects with tiling laid on pre-existing floors. Comes in Soft SurfaceSoft surfa..
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Woodland captures the atmosphere of discovery experienced on a fascinating journey to unspoilt landscapes and faraway countries to find rare and precious types of wood. It explores the nature of wood and the search for the living beauty in this material, in the form of the grain and the colours, ..
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Surface FinishNaturalACERO - MAPLE EFFECT WOOD PORCELAIN TILESAcero (Maple) is one of the four types of wood selected for rustic and natural projects. The timeless simplicity of the design and the large sizes of the Forest series blend perfectly with contemporary settings. 5.5mm THICKNESSThank..
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Rustic Brown Rustic Brown by no means passes unnoticed, standing out through the intense contrast between the pure white background and the broad streaks of blazing colour, lending a distinctive impact and enveloping feel to the environment...
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Rustic Grey Rustic Grey recalls the ethereal aesthetic of an abstract painting, distinguished by grey variegation extending over a white background. As in a diaphanous sky fretted with cirrostratus, Eminent Grey summons up an impermanent contemplative atmosphere...
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