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Pietra Grey 8mm

Pietra Grey 8mm
Pietra Grey 8mm
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  • Model: SXL-194X864
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Pietra Grey
Pietra Grey has scratches, indelible signs of the passing of time furrow the dark stone, in this case the white crystalline veins have formed over the centuries to become bold and elegant decorations.
Pietra Grey Ambiance Elegance
Exclusive Pietra Grey Tiles
Amazing Pietra Grey Porcelain Tiles
Large Format Pietra Grey Porcelain

PORCELAIN TILES ( up to 120cm )

We deliver your tiles within 7-9 business days. There are times when our suppliers have sold out; in this case you will have two options, either wait for the stock or cancel your order with full refund. 


Bespoke production will be discussed with you to be delivered on an agreed time frame. Off-the-shelve traditional tiles will be delivered within 10 business days, if they are available in our stock. 

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